Cole Brown

IRS Makeover: 5 Ways to Make it Happen

Each year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service and its leader Nina E. Olson release an open letter to the IRS containing recommendations for improvement. highlights five common sense changes the IRS can make to work better for you.

What’s Puerto Rico’s Problem?

Puerto Rico is facing a crisis that could have major implications here in the U.S. Here are five problems that have been devastating for the island and its economy.

Ten Years Since Katrina… Has Brad Pitt Made it Right?

Where did all the time go? That is the question that many people around the country will be asking with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina coming later this month. It seems like just yesterday that the country’s eyes were glued to TV screens, viewing the scenes of destruction and devastation that followed the fall of the levees in New Orleans. The decade may have flown by for residents of unaffected areas, but it has been a long ten years for those living in the Gulf’s hardest hit areas.