Varney: America is the only game in town

"America: the only game in town."

You hear that a lot and it sounds like boasting, doesn't it? Well, it may be a little "chesty," but it's not an idle boast. When it comes to the economy and the markets, America is indeed way ahead of the pack.

Consider this: America's economy is much stronger than in Europe or Japan. We're growing. They're close to a recession.

That has a big impact: Europe's unemployment rate is double that of America, 3.5 percent here, over 7 percent there. Even China has a higher rate.

Our stock market remains close to record highs. Elsewhere in the world: not so good.

Our bonds pay interest. Over there, they don't. In fact, you lend the government money and they keep some of it and pay no interest at all.

And our currency? The U.S. dollar is king of the hill.


So, despite impeachment, rampant Trump hatred and a do-nothing, obstructionist Congress, America is doing very, very well.

You're going to hear about that tonight. President Trump holds a rally in Minneapolis. He's going to the belly of the beast: a bastion of Trump haters. Don't expect him to hold back.

This will be a defiant Trump. And why not? It is his policies that have delivered this high-performance economy. It's his tax cuts and deregulation that delivered nearly $10 trillion in extra wealth. And it's his forceful negotiating which we hope will deliver favorable trade deals. Talks are ongoing with the Chinese and a deal is sealed with Japan and USMCA is ready to go.


The election is only a year away. The president's likely opponent is a socialist who, in my opinion, would wreck the economy and your 401K.

Mr. Trump is right to go to the mat for you. Because America is the only game in town.