Kamala Harris brings striking McDonald's workers to South Carolina rally

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris rallied with a group of McDonald’s employees on strike for higher wages and the right to unionize in South Carolina.

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The California senator joined the group outside the Charleston Democratic Party’s Blue Jamboree on Saturday and called on McDonald’s to pay its employees have a living wage.

The Chicago-based fast food chain is "pushing a myth,” Harris said.

“They’ll have their commercials say it’s the best first job you can get," she explained. "But I know that over 40 percent of McDonald’s workers are trying to support a family, are working and have the right to organize, have a right to collective bargaining, have the right to have a living wage and all of the health benefits that come with working so hard every day."

The workers, who are striking as part of the Fight for 15, or a $15-an-hour minimum wage, took the stage later in the day at the Charleston event. A so-called right-to-work state, South Carolina law forbids requiring union membership as a condition of employment.

Harris -- who also spoke at the Blue Jamboree -- will reportedly meet privately with the workers at the conclusion of the event, according to The Hill.

Other 2020 hopefuls who made appearances at the event included Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Ohio Rep. John Delaney and billionaire Tom Steyer.