Trump accuses Minneapolis mayor of trying to 'price out' free speech over $530,000 rally security bill

President Trump accused Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey of trying to "price out" free speech on Tuesday after claiming city government told the venue for Trump's upcoming rally it would be on the hook for $530,000 in security costs.

"Someone please tell the Radical Left Mayor of Minneapolis that he can't price out Free Speech. Probably illegal! I stand strongly [and] proudly with the great Police Officers and Law Enforcement of Minneapolis and the Great State of Minnesota! See you Thursday Night!" Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump's campaign claimed Monday that Frey was "abusing the power of his office and attempting to extort President Trump's re-election campaign" through an allegedly "phony" security bill.

The Trump campaign alleges city government told the venue, the Target Center, that it would be responsible for security costs, causing the Target Center to try to pass the costs onto the campaign or else withhold use of the venue.

"The Trump campaign informed the Target Center that the U.S. Secret Service is solely responsible for coordinating security and that withholding the use of the arena would be viewed as a breach of contract and result in court action," the campaign said in a statement.

"Additionally, the ridiculous sum of $530,000 is more than 26 times the estimated security costs for a 2009 Target Center health care rally held by President Barack Obama," the campaign added.

Trump also criticized Frey on Tuesday after the city police department banned its off-duty officers from wearing uniforms to Thursday's rally. Trump used his Twitter to promote the Minneapolis Police Union's "Cops for Trump" t-shirts they created to skirt the ban.

"Thank you to Lt. Bob Kroll of the great Minneapolis Police Department for your kind words on 'Fox and Friends.' The Police are fighting the Radical Left Mayor, and his ridiculous Uniform Ban. Actually, I LOVE the Cops for Trump shirts. Want to bring some home. I am with you 100%!!!!" Trump wrote on Twitter.


FOX Business' inquiries to the Mayor's office and the Target Center were not returned at the time of publication.