These colleges' students have the most diverse backgrounds

Colleges have made significant progress in diversifying their campuses over the past several decades, but that increased diversity has not necessarily spread equally.

Students who are Hispanic, black, Asian or Pacific islanders or who belong to other racial minority groups account for close to 45 percent of students at four-year colleges, according to an analysis of National Center for Education Statistics data by HeyTutor.

That’s up from about 20 percent in 1976.

HeyTutor used data to rate each private four-year university with a diversity index, essentially the likelihood that any two random students will belong to different racial or ethnic groups. They found that “moderately selective” schools were the least diverse, whereas “open admission,” “minimally selective” and “very selective” schools had similar indices.

Among the top 10 most diverse schools, only two were “large schools” with more than 5,000 students. The others were all small or midsize schools.

Here are the 10 most diverse private colleges and universities, plus their diversity index scores, according to HeyTutor:

10. Harvey Mudd College — 77.86

9. New York University — 78.08

New York, MY, USA - March 22, 2016: New York University buildings on Macdougal Street at 37 Washington Square West. A purple flag with the NYU logo hangs above an entrance to one of the college buildings. In the distance, the Empire State Building ap

8. Chaminade University of Honolulu — 78.25

7. Pacific Union College — 78.35

6. Golden Gate University-San Francisco — 78.38

5. University of San Francisco — 79.51

4. Andrews University — 80.12

3. New York Institute of Technology — 80.12

2. Hawaii Pacific University — 81.47

1. Pacific Rim Christian University — 83.29