Wrestling legend Ric Flair launches new cannabis company: Edibles changed my life

Flair tells 'Kennedy' why he is stylin' and profilin' into the cannabis business

Pro wrestling legend Ric Flair is introducing his new personal cannabis line, "Ric Flair Drip."

The wrestling icon is teaming up with Carma Holdings founder and president Chad Bronstein to launch the celebrity-inspired product. 

Carma Holdings is also the parent company of former professional boxer Mike Tyson's premier cannabis line, TYSON 2.0.

Bronstein told Kennedy he and Flair first met as neighbors in Tampa, Florida and pitched the idea to Flair about launching a cannabis product.

He recalled, "I called up Mike and I said, hey, Ric Flair is my neighbor. What if we dropped a line called, "Ric Flair Drip," with Ric? And I walked up to Ric and I said, Ric, I'm gonna start cannabis line with you. And he goes, cannabis line? I said, trust me. It's gonna, it's gonna do well. And Ric got you know, very educated in the space and, you know, the brand is really booming." 

Bronstein added that Flair has been an "unbelievable partner."

Flair shared the inspiration behind his new business venture with FOX Business host Kennedy on Tuesday.

"It started a learning process, and it continued," said Flair. "I learn something new every day and that I never imagined. I'd been approached for years to get involved, but it wasn't as socially acceptable then it is now. And I mean now, I mean… I didn't realize just how popular it is. I'd forgotten… and now I'm honored to be part of this company and working with Chad and every day is a learning process."

Flair touted how "fantastic" edibles are and how they have changed his life by the way he sleeps. 

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He also said that he's been hooked on Xanax since 1989, and no longer takes it, thanks to edibles.


"Obviously, Xanax being so addictive, it's not good for anybody, so edibles are great," he said.  

Flair claimed he doesn't smoke a lot, but enjoys doing it "periodically."