Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon prepare customers for Dorian

The major U.S. wireless carriers are all making it easier to call, text and check in with your loved ones who may be affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have all used social media and their websites to release statements ensuring customers that they are taking extra steps to keep everyone connected during the storm that has ravaged the Bahamas over the weekend and has left parts of the eastern coast of the United States under mandatory evacuation.

“Verizon is offering unlimited call/text/data for customers in #HurricaneDorian’s path,” the cell phone service provider tweeted.

“As our Verizon Response teams closely monitor Dorian’s path, we remain ready to support our customers, including businesses and first responders, and the communities that may be impacted by this storm. Our thoughts are also with those in the Bahamas who have already felt Dorian’s wrath,” John Granby, president of Verizon Consumer Group South Area, said in a statement Tuesday. “We hope these small things we can do to ensure our customers are able to connect worry-free will help bring some peace of mind before, during and after the storm.”

Meanwhile, AT&T is taking similar action. “To help our customers impacted by #hurricanedorian, we’re waiving data overages in affected areas of Florida 9/2-9/8,” they tweeted to their customers to help relieve some of the strain caused by the storm.

AT&T also announced in a blog post that the company would be waiving certain fees as the storm continues. “We plan to waive overage charges on mobile services, giving unlimited talk, text and data for AT&T wireless and AT&T PREPAID customers directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina from September 2 - September 8.”

Sprint is doing their part as well, “To assist customers in Florida in the areas expected to be hit hardest by the storm, we will waive call, text and data overages for Sprint customers from September 2-8, 2019. Customers on Unlimited plans will continue to enjoy their unlimited data, call and text benefits,” the company announced on its website on Aug. 28.

In addition to the unlimited text, calling and data that most T-Mobile customers already enjoy, the company announced in a statement updated Monday that, “T-Mobile teams are ready to respond in both locations and we have a range of recovery equipment and supplies on hand including generators, network recovery equipment and community response trucks, should they be needed in the aftermath of the storm.”

The wireless giants all have dedicated themselves to keeping their customers updated on Dorian’s devastation on their websites as their customers continue to endure the wrath of the unrelenting storm.


Dorian has already been responsible for at least five lives and an estimated $25 billion dollars in damage. Having started off as a Category 5 storm, the hurricane has since been downgraded to Cat 2 as the eastern seaboard of the U.S. braces for impact.