Larry Kudlow: 'Do not underestimate the V-shaped recovery'

'To be real simple here, since it's not broken, why fix it?'

Larry Kudlow discussed the May jobs number Friday on "Kudlow," saying not to "underestimate the V-shaped recovery." 

LARRY KUDLOW: Do not underestimate the V-shaped recovery. You can compare expectations of jobs versus actual jobs. And if you want to make a partisan case, you can make a partisan case. But I don't want to make a partisan case right now. So I want to make is the economy is booming. It is open, the vaccines have worked and America is well, well, well on its way back. Look elsewhere. Construction is booming, homebuilding is booming. Business spending on new plants and equipment is all booming. Retail is booming. Second-quarter GDP still going to come in around 10 percent, an annual rate, according to the Atlanta Fed. And basically pro-growth policies from the Trump administration have successfully generated the lowest unemployment in 50 years when we slash taxes, minimize regulations, generated energy independence and tough trade deals, OK. Those policies are still paying off. It is still a V-shaped recovery. So, to be real simple here, since it's not broken, why fix it?