Lara Logan: US military does not have the 'political backing' to use force in Afghanistan

'We’ve made a political agreement with the Taliban who are now, apparently, dictating to the world’s superpower what they can and cannot do'

Fox Nation host and Afghanistan war journalist Lara Logan charged Wednesday that the United States military does not have the "political will" to use their full capability to extract Americans from Afghanistan and they are "at the mercy" of the Taliban. 

Logan told "Fox Business Tonight", Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin did not have the "backing" of the Biden administration to exercise the military capability of forces in the region and the U.S. was in a "political trap" because of the agreement that was made with the Taliban.

"We’ve made a political agreement with the Taliban who are now, apparently, dictating to the world’s superpower what they can and cannot do even though they’ve broken their agreement over and over again. They’ve broken it. But the United States wants this so badly, they want the Taliban in power in Afghanistan so badly that they are not prepared to do anything that is going to make the Taliban say you reneged on the deal, and we’re not delivering."

The "Lara Logan Has No Agenda" host pointed out the Afghan Special Forces, who aided U.S. troops, are being hunted by the Taliban and the Biden administration is not focused on the humanitarian and diplomatic "disaster" that is unfolding.

"We’re not talking about how the Taliban and Al Qaeda, by the way, they are allies, have the biometrics of every Afghan that served in the armed forces. They have the names of all those who served the Afghan intelligence agencies. They have everything."

Host Jackie DeAngelis then asked if President Biden will "pull the trigger" and authorize military forces to take action.

"What we do know is when the NSA was watching Taliban gather their forces, we did nothing to stop them," Logan replied. "We know that when the Taliban was going into those [Afghan] cities, we could have are bombed them, we could have used our military capability. The United States did not do that. We know when we saw sensitive military equipment being handed over to the Chinese, when we saw that heading into Iran, the US did not use its military power to stop that. So based on actions so far, there is zero indication that the United States is willing to use the military power that they have, the capability that they have."  

Logan reported, "very reliable sources" recently revealed that one of the reasons for the "catastrophe" at Kabul airport is that the United States evacuated Bagram Air Base.

"That was a terrible idea. So whose idea was it? It was the Taliban’s. They demanded that the United States evacuate Bagram Air Base. When the US did that we lost the capacity for air support. We lost the signal's intelligence. There’s a lot of capabilities that go with holding that very significant strategic ground that we gave up, and the Taliban wanted us to give it up. Why? Because this is the symbol of American power, and we want to be sure that you’re leaving."

"The generals, the military opposed it, the State Department pushed for it, and it was a gift to the Taliban," she continued. "The strategic impact was so great that many of those Afghan cities that you saw fall in such a short period of time, that was because of the evacuation in the middle of the night of Bagram Air Base." 


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