Kudlow: Voters have rejected Biden's 'assault on our values and our principles'

Kudlow explains why Americans desire ' freedom and democracy'

Save America. Kill the bill. Happy Friday, folks. 

Over the past week, Joe Biden's policy agenda has completely fallen apart. The CPI inflation, the CBO $5 trillion scorecard and then on Monday, the PPI price explosion. Then came the import price explosion. 

Then came statements from Senator Joe Manchin that he was simply not backing off on the inflationary impact of Biden's big government socialist bill, nor was he backing off on his demands opposing middle class entitlements and the lack of work requirements or tough means testing eligibility. 

As I have said before, Mr. Manchin is the best inflation forecaster in the country. In constant public statements, memos with Chuck Schumer, conversations with Joe Biden, Mr. Manchin has been completely consistent in his pursuit of a pause regarding any more budget spending or for that matter, fossil fuel penalties and the need for workfare and means testing, and by the way, his support for the 40-year-old Hyde Amendment that prohibits federal funds to be used for abortions. 

As the Wall Street Journal editorialized today, "The Democrats have never taken Manchin seriously, but they should have." 

As the dopey dopes on the Democratic far-left and fellow travelers like ABC News tweeters keep blaming the downfall of the Biden agenda on one person, Joe Manchin, the reality is he's had plenty of help from Kyrsten Sinema and, I'll bet you, Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, maybe even John Tester of Montana and perhaps even Mark Kelly of Arizona – although, he doesn't seem to talk about anything. This guy hasn't even given one interview on the biggest issue of the day, and he, too, is up for reelection in Arizona. These other senators might well have joined Manchin in a "no" vote, and oh, by the way, the Republicans are a "no" too.  

So, to me, that means 52 – and maybe as much as 56 – have caused President Biden to finally say uncle and pause the bill well into next winter. 

My point here is, whether it's inflationary spending, record-high tax rates, the assault on fossil fuels, the rise of gasoline and other energy prices, the entitlement state –  the outrageous woke social policies keeping parents out of their kids' schools, keeping families out of raising their children, keeping the southern border open – attempts at amnesty and welfare assistance for illegals have been denied by the Senate parliamentarian. 

Attempts to end the traditional Senate filibuster that protects minority rights was also defeated. The country does not want Washington to federalize elections or forbid voter ID, or prolong mail-in ballots with their destructive harvesting, defunding the police, no cash bail, saying 'yes' to smash-and-grab looting, mesmerizing the whole country with a barrage of racist attacks, and of course, the fact-free argument about climate's existential threat. 

Former communists who hate the American system nominated to run our banks, a potential Federal Reserve vice chair who won't tell us whether she's a capitalist or a socialist. All this has gone down the drain of the Biden agenda. 

He is the most unpopular politician in decades and his VP is even worse. His infrastructure bill passed, but it's more about the Green New Deal than infrastructure. And his one vote passage of last winter's relief bill is what triggered massive inflation. 

Right now, there is not one area where the public agrees with Biden according to poll after poll on the liberal side and the conservative side—not one single area. His COVID mandates have been ruled illegal by the courts and hated by people in business. And by the way, COVID cases in New York are rising at record rates. Masking 5-year-old kids is both harmful and stupid. 

His catastrophic cut-and-run defeat in Afghanistan has brought the U.S. to the brink of crisis in foreign policy as Russia is threatening to invade the Ukraine, and China moving toward Taiwan.  


In one year, a strong "America First" has turned into American weakness. Pessimism has replaced optimism. Big government socialism threatens free enterprise capitalism. Punishing success threatens to replace rewarding success. Biden's far-left progressive "woke" attack has attempted to transform our economy, subvert our culture, place government in charge of virtually every nook and cranny of the nation. 

Here's the really good news: With a week before Christmas, the voters have rebelled from and rejected Biden's assault on our values and our principles. Americans want freedom and democracy. 

They are just saying "no"  to Mr. Biden's far-left fantasies. That's the really good news. 

Save America. Kill the bill.