Energy expert torches Newsom’s move to ban California fracking: Working Americans ‘no longer valued’

'What message does it send also to the hard-working families?'

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he’s planning to ban all fracking in California by 2024; Western States Petroleum Association President Cathy Reheis-Boyd told "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" that the move only discourages hard-working Americans.

REHEIS-BOYD: It’s very concerning and, frankly, unconscionable that the governor continues to ignore science and data and facts, and instead governs by what appears to be bans, mandates, and fiats. And the message this sends to the very companies who have the ability to move us to a low-carbon economy in this state will be disincentivized to participate in that process.

And so, what message does it send also to the hard-working families, the 150,000 people we employ with very good salaries way above the California average? This isn’t a job, this is a career. And they support their families through this career. What message does it send to them that they are no longer valued by this governor?

When you unpack this a little bit, it’s even more concerning. Because if you don’t produce crude oil under the strictest environmental regulations in California, you have to ask yourself – where will it come from?