China’s Xi Jinping is forecasting he will invade Taiwan, the US better listen: Robert O’Brien

Former national security advisor tells 'Kudlow' China 'badly' wants Taiwan

Former National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien warned the Biden administration Thursday to not underestimate Xi Jinping’s desire to reunite Taiwan with China after the world witnessed the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan telling "Kudlow" the US needs to be "very careful."

ROBERT O’BRIEN: General Secretary Xi [Jinping] says he will reunite Taiwan with China and he’s going to do it one way or the other. I think oftentimes we’re conceited in the West and in America. We don’t listen to dictators and authoritarians. We don’t believe what they say. I think we need to be very careful and listen to what he says. They’re running major military operations all the time. They’re spending a fortune to build up their military. One of the reasons President Trump wanted to get out of Afghanistan, not in this way by any means, but we wanted to pivot back to the Pacific. We need to take some of these troops in Afghanistan and move them to Guam, to Okinawa, Robertson Barracks in Australia, to the state of Hawaii, to the state of Alaska, and to American territories in the Pacific. Actually show we mean what we say. It is not a talking point. But we’re moving combat-hardened veterans who have gained experience in Afghanistan. We’ll put them in the Pacific and try to deter the Chinese from miscalculating, taking a step to invade Taiwan. They could create a world war none of us want. Peace through strength works.