Sen. Blackburn slams Biden admin for handle on border crisis: ‘This is out of control’

Tennessee Republican says she hopes VP Harris will 'listen' to border officials

Vice President Kamala Harris is finally planning a trip down to the southern border as illegal immigration worsens and Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., stressed on "Kudlow" just how out of hand the crisis has become.

Blackburn: My hope is that Vice President Harris will go down there, she will talk to these county sheriffs, she will talk to these local elected officials, she will talk to the Border Patrol, and she will hear them out. She needs to ask the question and listen to their answers. Because people that live down there, I've been down there, I talk to residents and listen to them and their concerns. They're afraid for their children to play outside because of illegal aliens that are coming through their backyards. 

People that have ranches and businesses and they have individuals, they can't go out and ranch. They can't leave houses unlocked or buildings unlocked. Things get stolen out of their barns. I talked to somebody who had a swimming pool at their home. They woke up one morning and they had people that were migrants crossing through actually dipping in their pool. This is out of control and people want it stopped.