Why This Texas Teacher Isn't Assigning Homework to Students

Brandy Young, an elementary school teacher at Godly Elementary School in Texas, sent a note home to parents explaining that her second grade students would no longer be assigned homework.

The school's principal, Melinda Reynolds, said that she wasn’t worried about the parents' response to Young’s letter, and that she favors Young’s no homework policy.

“When we do talk to our parents, we find a lot of times that because of the way they were raised in the school system they went through, they expect a lot of homework or want more homework. But with project based learning that we are trying to implement in our classrooms, it’s more real world learning that we want them to take home and actually utilize what they learned in the classroom and at home, rather than just a pencil and paper task,” Reynolds told the FOX Business Network.

Young said that it’s not only the second graders that get anxious about homework.

“It is excessive, my kids come to me, some of them from first grade and they are already worried about homework. School should be fun. We want kids to love to come to school, so they can do their best while they are there,” Young said.

Even though many parents consider this new policy controversial, the parents of Young’s students fully support her no homework policy.

“I communicate with my parents on the daily. They know what’s going on in my classroom. I keep them informed and they trust me to make the best decisions for their kids," Young said.