Why Millennials Should Look for Blue Collar Jobs

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Why millennials should push for blue collar jobs

Levo Founder & CEO Caroline Ghosn discusses how millennials are having a hard time finding jobs after graduation.

On Friday, The Bureau of Labor revealed that the U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs in February. Despite the positive jobs report, a study by the Job Application Center found that millennials are still having a hard time finding work straight out of college.

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Levo Founder & CEO Caroline Ghosn stated that millennials get a bad reputation because they are the first ‘digital native generation.’

“So we are the first generation to never have known what it’s like to not have the Internet, so we have these digital behaviors that are unprecedented. And we have these expectations around things being very fast and often when that translates into the workforce, we have a little bit of a generational clash,” she told the FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman.

Ghosn said that millennials are staying away from blue collar jobs because of the media’s focus on how ‘interesting and futuristic’ the technology industry is.

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“Some of these jobs have incredible benefits, have an average salary expectation that is $15,000 dollars higher than the national average and yet we are seeing a gap. These companies are not able to hire millennials,” she said.

Ghosn concluded by saying “There is a lot of incredible job opportunities there,” in the blue collar industry.

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