Why I’m Still Bullish on Splunk

You know the name, Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK). I'm back on it. Hey, this is the fourth time.

Look at the chart (watch the video clip above). We made money on it each time. I still like it, even though it was up a buck.

Listen, application software. This is what they do uniquely. It's all about big data. But they do something called operational intelligence. They look at the machine of the business and they take all of the activity, the behavior of the customers, the users, the transactions, the apps, the servers, the networks, the mobile devices -- they take every ounce of it and they grind it up and help companies make a whole lot of money. That's the easiest way to put it.

Margins were a little bit down, we're talking about gross margins -- went from 88% to 86%. So that's not a big deal. Cash from operations were up big. I think it's going to continue to do well. The caveat, I'd add, is it's a volatile stock. But I still think this is going to be a grand slam.