Why driverless cars are not widely available


Why regulations will put the brakes on driverless vehicles

‘Wild Ride’ author Adam Lashinsky weighs in on driverless vehicles and President Trump’s economic policies.

“Wild Ride” author Adam Lashinsky said Tuesday the regulatory issues and human perception are the two biggest reasons why driverless cars are not widely available.

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“The funny thing is the technology is pretty darn good,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto. “Compare it to humans—we’re terrible. We get into accidents all the time and kill people literally every day. The robots really don’t. So the technology’s there but we’re a ways off from most people accepting that and regulators regulating it.”

Additionally, Lashinsky explained how driverless technology is impacting transportation companies like Uber and Ford (NYSE:F), whose CEO Mark Fields—a visionary for driverless cars—was replaced Monday.

“Ford first of all is seen as not being far enough along,” Lashinsky said. “Uber on the one hand relies on these drivers who are breaking their backs driving for Uber every day … and in the same exact breath saying ‘we might not need you in a few years, sorry.’”

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