Why big corporations may be endangered


Large companies could be replaced by start-ups over time

Cisco executive chairman John Chambers discusses how companies could change in the future, and why large corporations could ultimately be replaced by start-ups.

A new societal overhaul could be on the horizon, with the growth of large companies stagnating within the next decade or so as start-ups replace them as the largest job creators.

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“It will be the generation of all job growth,” Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) chairman John Chambers told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Wall Street Week.” “Just like we did with the internet, when I said it will change the future, I think you're going to see digitization change the future.”

In September, Chambers announced that he would step down from his decades-long position as the leader of the network-equipment company. From here, he will join the board of a startup called Sprinklr, a $1.8 billion company that helps some of the world’s largest brands manage their social media platforms.

Within 10 years, Chambers predicted that 40% of large corporations will go out of business and about 30% of job roles will disappear. That, in part, is because almost every company -- regardless of whether it’s retail, healthcare or government -- will become a technology company based in the digital world.

And while that introduces huge levels of productivity, it could also jeopardize jobs, he said. That’s partly because of a lack of education and a limited number of start-ups available to absorb the current unemployed workforce.

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“I think the concern is, are 30 to 40% of the jobs that we do today going to be displaced by robots and machine learning?” he said. “The answer, unfortunately, is yes.”

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