What foods will be labeled _ and what won't _ under new government calorie labeling rules

The Food and Drug Administration plans new rules requiring chain restaurants, movie theaters and other retailers that sell prepared foods to put calorie labels on menus and menu boards. The rules will only apply to establishments that have 20 or more locations.

The rules will be announced on Tuesday.

A sampling of what will be labeled with calorie information — and what won't — under the new rules:

— Menu items at chain restaurants, including drive-through and take out boards

— Drinks on menus, and soda dispensers

— Some alcoholic beverages on menus

— Most prepared foods in supermarkets, convenience stores

— Concessions at movie theaters, amusement parks that are part of larger chains

— Displays of food, such as pastries, at coffee chains like Starbucks

— Food prepared on site at large retail outlets, such as Target and Costco


Foods that won't be labeled with calorie information:

— Menu items at independent restaurants with fewer than 20 outlets

— Seasonal or daily specials at chain restaurants

— Anything that isn't on a menu at a chain restaurant, such as a bread basket or drinks at the bar

— Food on airplanes, trains

— Food on food trucks

— Deli meats, cheeses and bulk salads at grocery stores