What Are Your All-Time Favorite Sayings About Trading & Investing?

Do you find yourself quoting certain sayings about investingand trading over and over? I’m a broken record on this subject, as I suspectmany confirmed market fans are. Some of my favorite classics: “Bulls makemoney, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.” “Be fearful when others aregreedy; be greedy when others are fearful.” “Know what you own, and why you ownit.” I’ve even coined my own sayings – for instance, I’ve made something of amantra out of pointing out that trading options literally gives you options toprofit in every market condition.

I stumbled across Wisebread’s list of the 14 coolestsayings about investing and found myself nodding in agreement all over again. (Investopedia’s Top 17 InvestingQuotes of All Timeis another classic-in-the-making.) Checking out these lists over a recentcoffee break also reminded me of my long-standing habit of quoting money-related music lyrics into media appearances or speakingengagements I do. It’s surprisingly easy to do, it loosens you up a bit, plusthose quotes often drive your point home with the audience in a remarkablyeffective way. 

What’s your all-time, number-1 favorite saying aboutinvesting, money or the markets?

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