We've changed the way the world of money is covered on TV: Varney

Our own Maria Bartiromo interviews Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. It’s carried live on this program. It was all about tax reform.

When the interview started, the Dow was down 95 points. Within minutes, the Dow was down 140. FOX Business had moved the market. Investors had listened as Secretary Mnuchin talked of a one-year delay for the business tax cut. When he said that on our air, many investors sold.

This is not the first time that what is said on this network, dramatically affects your money.

The point is: FOX Business has changed the way the world of money is covered on television. You may have noticed that we don't spend a lot of time discussing "the Fed,” or QE3, or EBITA, whatever the devil that is. We don't confuse people. We know you are turned off by that elitist jargon!

We go right to the heart of the issues that affect you, directly. We're big on those giant, American technology companies that are changing the world. We thrive on Trump's growth plan, if only he could get it through the Republican Congress. America is unique and Europe is a museum. We innovate, they don't. And I am in a position to say that with conviction.

In short, we are the new guys on the business news block, and our audience is growing. That’s why what is said on this network can and has moved markets.

Stay with us please – you don't want to miss anything.