USC Basketball Player Balancing College Hoops and Wall Street Investments

Along with juggling his collegiate studies and preparing for the NCAA Tournament, USC basketball player Sam Dhillon also hopes to score big on Wall Street for the clients of his Quest Investment Firm which he started after high school.

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“In high school I made a couple of investments and from there it kind of took off.  In college I founded the Quest Investment Firm.  So, the whole theory was to help athletes out in managing their money,”  Dhillon told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Dhillon continued, “I founded my firm about a year and a half ago, passed my series 65 exam and fast forward two years and it’s now worth more than $3.5 million.”

Dhillon’s client base now includes some professional athletes as well.

“I actually signed in the last two weeks my first two NFL guys for my firm, so it’s been fun.”

Dhillon weighed in on what his long term goals are in helping his fellow athletes with their investments.

“I really want to focus on them having their wealth for life, preserving their wealth and growing their wealth.  So I focus on asset management in a safe, but also risky way as well.  I want them to have money to grow as well as savings so they can go out and have fun, go out and buy a few things.  But eventually you have to save your money over time and actually invest that,” he said.

“You make X amount of millions but it’s how you save your money and keep that wealth that separates you from the other athletes.”