UN seeks $3.1 billion to help 62 million children at risk in humanitarian crises worldwide

Associated Press

The United Nations is appealing for $3.1 billion to reach 62 million children at risk in humanitarian crises worldwide, including those living in Ukraine, Syria and other conflict zones and in areas affected by the Ebola epidemic.

The U.N. children's agency UNICEF said Thursday the largest portion, $903 million, would be targeted to help children with immunizations, safe water, sanitation and education in and around Syria.

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Another $500 million would be directed to helping Ebola-affected communities with treatment and prevention programs.

The agency is seeking some $32 million for Ukraine, where it says 600,000 people are internally displaced and some 1.7 million children are affected.

The appeal, aimed primarily at governments, is $1 billion more than sought last year. UNICEF achieved a little more than half of the 2014 target.