UMass, 7 labor unions reach deal to pay $10.9M in retroactive pay to workers

The University of Massachusetts and seven labor unions have reached an agreement to pay $10.9 million in retroactive pay to faculty and staff.

UMass President Martin Meehan and the unions announced the deal on Thursday. The pay raises are part of a three-year contract with the unions, which represent 6,500 workers.

The contract calls for 3.5 percent annual raises, totaling $13.1 million. The Legislature had approved $2.2 million of that but not the rest.

Meehan says he expects the Legislature to appropriate the additional funds in a supplemental budget expected to be outlined this month.

UMass spokesman Robert Connolly says if the funds aren't appropriated, the university will be forced to make mid-year cuts.

Connolly says Meehan has "strong indications" that the contracts will be funded.