ULTA Stock Looking Good

Let’s talk about Ulta Salon (NASDAQ:ULTA).

I’m pretty sure this is my third time on this show saying I like this one, maybe my seventh time on this network. I started talking about it on the FOX Business Network at fifties.

It’s on a cusp, look at that chart (watch the video clip above), of an amazing breakout. We’re always talking about buying what we know, I don’t shop at Ulta Salon, but I’ll never forget a few years ago when I dropped my wife off at one. It was like a vision. You talk about Field of Dreams. I mean, I wanted to go in. You know, it’s the most amazing one-stop shop for women to go and get any variety of products they want, hair products. Incredible management. Stock is doing extraordinarily well.

You may quibble a little bit with valuations, but it’s on a verge of a technical breakout. I think it can go to $200 now.