UK aristocrat jailed for online threats to pro-EU campaigner

A British aristocrat has been jailed for 12 weeks for making online threats to anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.

Rhodri Philipps, also known as the 4th Viscount St Davids, posted on Facebook that he would pay "5,000 pounds for the first person to 'accidentally' run over this bloody troublesome first generation immigrant."

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Judge Emma Arbuthot said Philipps was motivated "by your hatred of anybody who has different views to yours and to any who have recently arrived in this country."

At Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday, she jailed him for sending menacing electronic messages.

Guyana-born entrepreneur Miller successfully took the British government to court to force Prime Minister Theresa May to seek parliamentary approval for leaving the European Union.

Miller says online threats made her fear for her and her family's safety.