Uber drivers found guilty in Denmark appeal verdict, fines

The defense lawyer for four drivers fined for working for Uber in Denmark says his clients have appealed the ruling.

Eddie Khawaja said Tuesday they were appealing the verdict and the size of the fines. No date for an appeal had been set.

The appeal comes a day after the men were fined for violating Denmark's taxi laws. A law introduced in February required taxi drivers to have seat occupancy sensors and meters. That led to Uber shutting down its services in Denmark.

The lowest fine of 40,000 kroner ($6,423) was slapped on the driver of 399 rides, the highest of 486,500 kroner ($78,115) for the driver of 5,427 rides.

Some 1,500 Uber drivers in Denmark are also waiting to see if they will be charged for illegally operating taxis.