Twitter left-wing bias in bot purge cited by conservative users

Twitter suspended thousands of accounts, and conservative users claim left-wing bias and censorship.

Conservatives believe they are being targeted in a purge of suspected Russian bot accounts, claiming real people as opposed to bots are being locked out of their accounts. Twitter responded by saying it enforces its rules without political bias and identifies suspicious account behaviors that indicate automated activity.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Toys "R" Us will close an additional 200 stores and lay off a significant portion of its corporate staff following a disappointing holiday sales season. Toys "R" Us recently announced plans to close 180 stores following its bankruptcy announcement last September.

Wal-Mart is trying to attract online shoppers with an increased focus on home goods. Wal-Mart is launching a redesigned home section of its website that will better highlight home products such as furniture, accessories and other decor. Included will be design tips and ideas to add to the "add to cart" online shopping experience.