Trump's the Most Unusual Thing Seen by Financial Markets, says Economist Henry 'Dr. Doom' Kaufman

Economist Henry “Dr.Doom” Kaufman on Tuesday explained why the Trump Administration should have tackled infrastructure and tax reform first over health care and also gave his thoughts on the future of the housing market.

“I think this president just like President Obama, put health care first on the agenda… technically I think it was the wrong thing to do, I think infrastructure, tax reform, I think would have been easier to get through than dealing with ObamaCare,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

Kaufman also explained why the housing market will “top out.”

“By the time we reach the first quarter of next year, housing will be considered to be topping out as an activity, partly by the interest rate structure, partly by the fact that prices have moved up in the housing sector considerably in recent years,” he said.

Kaufman, who was nicknamed Dr. Doom for his bearish views, believes President Trump has created one of the “most unusual situations” he has ever seen in the financial markets.