Trump’s full court press on tax reform has investors buying: Varney

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Watch the Trump rally roll on: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on the impact on stocks of President Trump's push for tax reform.

Guess what? The rally continues: stocks going up record highs just a half-hour away!

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Good Monday morning everyone. Look at this:

Stocks across the board will keep the record run going. Big companies, small companies. Technology, finance, industrials. They just keep going and going. The Trump rally has now added $5.3 trillion to the market's total value, and we are only about 650 points from 24,000.

Why another move up today?

Because the president has mounted a full court press to get tax cuts done by Thanksgiving, or at least Christmas. And he's telling Republicans to get it done, or lose in next year's elections.

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He's calling Republican leaders. He's going to Capitol Hill to rally the troops, and he's invoking Ronald Reagan.

He needs 218 votes in the House. Looks like he'll get them. And he needs 50 votes in the Senate...he's got a very good shot at  getting them too.

That’s what investors are looking at; that’s why they're buying again this Monday morning.

So sit back and watch the Trump rally roll on!

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