Trump's Energy Policy to Fuel U.S. Job Growth?

The Schork Report Editor Stephen Schork explained why President Trump’s energy policy could be a boom for the U.S. economy and job market.

“If you believe in U.S. energy, if you believe that U.S. energy is the catalyst that will finally spur this long anticipated, but unseen to this point renaissance in U.S. industrial might, then you have to like these decisions,” Schork told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Despite former President Obama’s opposition to the Keystone Pipeline XL, Schork pointed out many of the supporters of the pipeline, even within his own administration.

“John Kerry, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, they signed off on Keystone XL.  The Governor of Nebraska eventually signed off on Keystone XL, the EPA signed off on Keystone XL, the only one at the end who didn’t sign off on Keystone XL were a couple of large contributors to the Democratic Party from a financial standpoint.”

Schork views Trump’s support of the Keystone Pipeline XL and his overall energy policy as key factors in creating more  jobs in America.

“This is a driver that will eventually spur industrial growth and job growth in this country so you have to be a fan of this.”

According to Schork, Trump’s energy policy helped him win key rust belt states.

“We do have the catalyst to bring back jobs to the rustiest of the rust belt towns,” Schork continued, “Hence, why Trump was able to carry Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan through the election.