TradeKing LIVE – Better Than Ever

Traders, get ready foran upgrade to your trading experience. We’re rolling out a new version ofTradeKing LIVE that gives advanced traders even greater control and visibilityinto market action. Here’s a sneak peek of all the great new functionality thisupgrade includes:

Our new Home Pagewidget alerts traders to market-moving events like dividends and earningsannouncements on companies they’re tracking in watchlists, holdings or orderstatus.

Hands-down the mostexciting part of this upgrade is our upgraded charts. We’ve completely revampedLIVE’s charting tool, expanding to more than 80 streaming technical indicatorsand 10 different drawing tools. You can also compare charts on different symbols,making it much easier to use technical analysis to drive your trading ideas.

We’ve also made amassive push to integrate your favorite options tools directly into LIVE, sonow you can research and trade seamlessly from a single interface. Now you’llfind streaming options chains within LIVE, complete with Greeks, our OptionsStrategy Workbench, Probability Calculator, and Profit + Loss Calculator. Nomore flipping back and forth between screens to research and then trade!

You’ll love the time-savingaspects of our newly upgraded Alerts Center, too. Now traders can set stock andoptions alerts and write notes to yourself on each alert. This will makeputting your trading plan into action a snap.

Another brand-new HomePage widget updates throughout the market day with top news stories fromBenzinga. Yet another pulse keeping you abreast of the trading day’slate-breaking developments.

As always, we’re eagerfor your feedback. Email us your thoughts at and we’ll share them with the Product Team.

And that’s not all.We’re already hard at work on the next wave of product enhancements to LIVE,including both client requests and some exciting new features to make LIVE morecomplete for your research and trading needs. Watch this space for more info inthe coming months.

Enjoy, and happytrading to you!


Don Montanaro

CEO, TradeKing Group

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