Top ETF Gameplays for 2018

Millions of Americans watch their favorite pro sports teams compete every day, and that provides a great opportunity for corporations to expose their brands to the loyal consuming masses.

On the upcoming webcast Tuesday, Feb. 12 (available live and on demand for CE Credit), Top ETF Gameplays for 2018, Nick Fullerton, Co-Founder and Manager of SportsETFs, Paul Starkey, Founder of Indexxchange and Sports ETFs Advisory Board Member for SportsETFs, and Tim Hinchey, CEO of USA Swimming, will analyze investing opportunities tied to sponsorships between the core four pro sports leagues and companies that partner with them.

Specifically, the ProSports Sponsors ETF (BATS: FANZ) tries to reflect the performance of the ProSports Sponsors Index, which is comprised of companies which are official sponsors of the major professional football, baseball, hockey and basketball leagues in the United States, along with national sports broadcasters with rights agreements with such leagues.

The idea is that investors may find a potential opportunity through businesses that can increase brand awareness, grow revenues and market share through their attachment to sports. Companies that invest in pro sports partnerships may exhibit faster than the broader economy. Research also shows that these partnerships have an influence on the purchasing decisions of fans who follow their favorite sports.

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