Tiffany's sells a $1,000 tin can as part of 'Everyday Objects' line

Luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) is hoping it can lure customers into purchasing everyday household items.

The company has introduced its “Everyday Objects” collection just in time for the holidays. The line includes a tin can for a mere $1,000.

Tiffany’s website describes the item as a classic tin can upgraded in sterling silver and shining vermeil.

Other Everyday Objects products include a ball of yarn in sterling silver for $9,000, leather tennis paddles for $650 and a paper clip bookmark in 18-karat gold for $1,500.

Tiffany has faced declining sales and parted ways with its CEO Frederic Cumenal in February of this year. The company’s stock closed in the red for the day at $92.35, down 0.69%.