This Industry Can't Find Enough Employees

With the release of September’s lackluster jobs report, and employment playing a key role in this election, spoke with ZipRecruiter, the fastest growing jobs board site on the web. We wanted to know, in this tepid economy, who is hiring?

We spoke with Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, about the trends in hiring he is seeing across different industries on the site.

“Mid-skill jobs are still on the rise, and the construction industry is key to a healthy labor market” says Siegel.

In the month of September, there was an increased demand for blue collar workers. This is a shift from past months where trade jobs where most abundant.

“Mid-skill jobs are still on the rise and the construction industry is key to a healthy labor market.”

- Ian Siegel

“Our data also showed us that the construction industry came in as the second highest industry by percentage of jobs with benefits, followed by transportation and storage and automotive” Siegel adds.

So where exactly can you find these jobs? According to ZipRecruiter, the cities that have taken the lead in hiring include New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Columbus, and Baltimore. As the hot Pacific Coast job market cools off, recruiting for Silicon Valley employees has declined as a result.

These trends will all add up to significant influencers among middle class and working class Americans come November 8th. The stagnant economy combined with the increased demand for blue collar workers could change who people choose in the voting booth.