Things to know as Chicago votes to raise its minimum wage to $13 by 2019

Chicago's minimum wage workers will earn $13 an hour by 2019 under a plan the City Council approved overwhelmingly on Tuesday.

The move raises Illinois' $8.25 rate — which is $1 higher than the federal rate — incrementally. It'll get bumped to $10 next year.

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City officials estimate roughly 400,000 Chicago workers will benefit from the change, which Mayor Rahm Emanuel hopes will "jolt" state lawmakers into action. Legislators are considering a statewide hike to $11 by 2017.

Opponents say an increase could lead to job losses. Two of the five aldermen who voted against the measure are business owners who fear establishments will leave Chicago.

Republican Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner supports a minimum wage increase only in conjunction with other reforms. He says Emanuel should be mindful of Chicago's competitiveness.