These 8 Remote Jobs Pay Over $100,000 a Year

There's a reason telecommuting grew 115% in the past decade. Not only can telecommuting save companies money, but it can also benefit those who are fortunate enough to be granted this privilege. Folks who work from home, for example, get to save money on commuting costs and other expenses associated with working in an office. In fact, it's estimated that telecommuters save over $4,000 each year on things like transportation, food costs, and dry cleaning. Some can even claim a home office deduction, which can translate into additional savings.

Telecommuting also offers loads of flexibility. For example, those who work from home can more easily tend to household needs (think being home for deliveries or repair people) than those who are perpetually required to show up at the office.

And as if that didn't paint a rosy enough picture, here's another interesting fact about telecommuting: Pick the right role, and you might wind up bringing home well over $100,000 a year. recently identified a number of high-paying jobs that can easily be performed on a telecommuting basis. Here are eight you should know about, along with their typical salary ranges.

1. Vice president of sales: $77,755-$202,779

To become a sales VP, you'll typically need to put in your time for a number of years. You might even have to work your way up from sales assistant to associate, and then to a couple more senior positions before landing that VP title. But once you become responsible for managing a team, maintaining key relationships, and facilitating sales growth, you stand to earn a nice chunk of cash. Best of all, sales is an industry that easily lends itself to remote work at any level, so if you start out telecommuting in the earlier stages of your career, you should have little problem maintaining that setup as you advance.

2. Vice president of marketing analytics: $80,570- $197,106

If you're a data whiz, it pays to pursue a career as a marketing analyst, because as you work your way up, your salary is likely to grow. As a VP of analytics, you might find yourself tasked with developing strategies that fuel the growth of whatever brand you're seeking to promote. And while you'll probably need to interact with a team, there's no saying that can't be done remotely.

3. Director of product marketing: $95,857-$175,936

If you're the creative type who also has a brain for numbers, product marketing might be your niche. At the director level, you'll probably be charged with making key decisions, from product pricing to ad campaign strategies. But if you're a good communicator and have strong management skills, it's a job you can do from outside the office, at least on a partial basis.

4. Enterprise solutions architect: $91,956-$164,839

Don't let the complex-sounding title throw you. If you have solid technical skills, in this role, you'll get an opportunity to design solutions that make data systems and interfaces work more smoothly. You might, for example, develop a unique point-of-sale system for a textile company that makes transactions more seamless. In other words, there's room for creativity in this role, and as long as you have the proper setup outside the office, you can do it remotely.

5. Senior UX designer: $77,801-$135,272

The goal of a user experience (UX) designer is to make things like websites and applications as user-friendly as possible. UX designers typically collaborate with web developers and software engineers to build or perfect products like content management systems and databases. Like other types of design work (think graphic design), it's a job that can be done easily from home, though not necessarily all the time.

6. Channel manager: $47,870-$116,507

As a channel manager, you'll be in charge of a specific sales or revenue channel for your business. If your company makes software for educators, for example, you might be assigned to the channel that focuses on online sales, whereas someone else might be in charge of trade show sales. To do the job well, you'll need to be strategically minded, with the ability to develop business relationships. That said, you can develop those relationships from pretty much anywhere, as long as you're getting results.

7. Senior software engineer: $94,103-$114,339

Software engineers are responsible for developing, testing, and improving various tools and systems. And once you reach the senior level, the payoff can be quite significant. Furthermore, since the job involves a lot of hammering away on a computer, there's no reason it can't be done remotely.

8. Project manager: $46,129-$109,295

Project managers are employed in a variety of industries and are responsible for planning and executing key business initiatives. In this role, you might focus on a single project at once, or be tasked with overseeing multiple projects. While you'll probably have a number of moving parts to manage as part of your role, whether it's software engineers, developers, or marketers, if you're comfortable doing so remotely, it's a great opportunity to earn a nice salary without having to regularly commute to an office.

Of course, just because you get hired for one of these jobs doesn't mean you'll automatically get the green light to do it remotely. Different companies have their own policies when it comes to telecommuting. That said, if you're looking for a job that pays well and is also conducive to remote work, you can certainly use the above positions as a starting point. If one is right for you, you might get the best of both worlds -- a great job without the hassle of a commute.

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