Theresa May's credibility is completely and fatally damaged: Nigel Farage

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party lost its majority in parliament in Thursday’s election.  European Parliament Member Nigel Farage discusses what it means for May’s political future and the future of Brexit, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, “She’s forced this fresh election upon the country and she’s failed.”

And even though she has been able to garner a little more support since, Farage views it as too little, too late.

“While she’s just about creeped back with the support of some Northern Irish unionists, I think her credibility is completely and fatally damaged, not just here, but in the eyes of the European Union too.”

Farage then responded to questions over why May called for the snap election in the first place.

“At one point they were 24 points ahead of the Labour Party in the polls, Jeremy Corbyn, the hard-left leader of the Labour was doing very badly and I think for hubristic reasons she thought this was a moment of very great victory.”

But Farage says May’s opponent, Jeremy Corbyn would have been incredibly bad for British relations with the U.S.

“He is basically a Marxist, he’s cozied up over the years to Hamas, he called his friends, Hezbollah, the IRA and he absolutely loathes the United States of America.  Him becoming Prime Minister would have been a disaster for relations between our two countries.”

Farage says May’s days are numbered as prime minister, predicting two potential replacements to take her place.

“I think she will not be there for very long at all.  Who will it be?  My guess is two front runners would be Boris Johnson or David Davis both of whom were on the Brexit side.”

Leading into the election May was hurt by a lack of sincerity according to Farage.

“Mrs. May was for staying in the European Union and yet became leader of a Brexit party.  She went into this election lacking sincerity because she did not believe the words that she was speaking.”