There will be 10 billion robots in the world in 30 years, SoftBank CEO says

A computing technology revolution is underway, and in 30 years the number of robots in the world could equal the number of people. These robots, using the latest computing technology, will be instrumental is solving many of the problems we are having today, according to Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son.

Speaking at the Futures Investment Initiative, during a panel discussion moderated by FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Masayoshi Son said he believes that 30 years from today, there will be about 10 billion people in the world, and about 10 billion robots. Self-driving cars will be robots, as would flying and swimming drones; “all kinds of robots will be here,” he commented.

Son added that the power of computing has improved “one million times in the past 30 years,” and, 30 years from now, computers will be one million times smarter.” He went on to say  that as the intelligence of computers increases, it can go into robots and these robots in turn can solve many ofthe problems we are having today.

The Future Investment Initiative conference, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a gathering of world business leaders to discuss the opportunities created by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the country’s economic growth plan that includes reducing its reliance on oil revenue.