The Triumph of America

It's a tough truth about this country that our most triumphant moments spring out of the ashes of tragedy.

We are witnessing that now from our friends in the Midwest, who began rebuilding their lives and businesses just hours after getting hit with deadly storms. Memorial Day is also one of those moments to reflect on our triumphant spirit.

This week the USS New York sailed into New York Harbor in honor of Memorial Day. The hull of this ship was forged with 7 tons of steel that came from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. There is no greater example of our ability to rise out of adversity than this.

When cornered, we don't give in…we fight back.

That's the spirit that keeps us strong, that keeps us fresh and that keeps us alive. Without it, our economy and our social structure would collapse...we'd just be limping along, like most states where a cradle to grave nanny state ends up squeezing the spirit out of the people.

Lord knows, we all pitch in and help when fellow Americans need it. But our real strength comes from within us. And it's this country's blessing of individual freedom that allows us to tap into the power that makes America great.

As long as we defend the freedom to act as individuals, we will rise to the occasion and triumph as a nation.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day. And praise God for our troops!