The Latest: Court asked to hold off on fracking rule

The Latest on a federal appeal over hydraulic fracturing rules (all times local):

2:35 p.m.

The Trump administration is asking three federal appeals court judges in Denver to hold off on a decision regarding a major federal fracking rule implemented by the Obama administration.

The Trump administration first announced plans to roll back the rule in March.

The rule, which would require drilling companies to disclose what chemicals they've used for fracking, was put on hold last year after a Wyoming judge said the Bureau of Land Management had no authority to set such a rule.

In a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing Thursday, the government asked the court to leave the district court's current ruling in effect until it can be replaced.

The government would need to go through a series of legal processes before replacement, which includes receiving comment from the public.

Since replacement could be years away, the Bureau of Land Management has asked the court to leave the district court's ruling in effect until a new one is implemented.


3:20 a.m.

A lawsuit contesting new rules for hydraulic fracturing on federal land will get its day in court even though President Donald Trump's administration doesn't intend to implement them.

Arguments will take place Thursday before the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The rules would regulate fracking, the process of cracking open underground oil and gas deposits with pressurized water, sand and chemicals.

Environmentalists say the rules would protect land and water. Two industry groups, an American Indian tribe and the states of Colorado, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming say the rules developed under President Barack Obama duplicate state regulations and would cost jobs.

Government attorneys say the rule doesn't reflect Trump administration priorities but they want the case argued anyway while the administration writes new rules.