The Government Redefines 'Investment'

When the president says that the country needs more "investment" it is crucial to note that this is code for more printing of money. What that means is further and significant devaluation of our dollar, which  will disproportionately hurt the middle class.

The devaluation of our dollar makes items we import from outside of our country cost more. The middle class spends proportionately more of its income on these items than others do. So when the president says he is supportive of the middle class, remember his actions suggest otherwise.

Want to help middle class? Cut tax rates and stimulate the economy.  This is a much better way to get our country back to a GDP  growth rate of  5%, where it needs to be to really help the middle class.

The printing of money out of thin air has resulted in, and will continue to result in, high unemployment, rapidly rising prices on all goods -- but most importantly goods that we import (higher gas prices, high food prices) -- and anemic GDP.

Additionally, when the president uses in the state of the union the term "investment" this  means increasing our debt, which puts our credit rating on watch for a downgrade -- again. This will in turn require the United States -- at some point -- to raise the interest rate we pay on our debt to countries like China in order to make our debt  more attractive to those we want to loan us money to finance our nation's ongoing affairs. This will increase our annual deficit, which in turn will directly require us to pay more money in interest, which will put our country at risk in many ways, including national defense.

Our country is and has been in stagflation and the idea of "investment" -- or the government printing and spending more money -- is the complete opposite of what we need to fix it.

At some point this race to the bottom will hurt corporate earnings and we will see rates rise on fixed income, coupled with stock prices decreasing.  The longer the economy stays stagnant the harder it will be to come out of it. This is a crucial time for our country and giving in to his desire to print money versus taking a fiscal approach to fixing the economy will truly be a mistake from which we might not recover from for decades.

Sounds dramatic, but true.