The best states for jobs

Across the U.S., unemployment is very low. According to the Labor Department’s jobs report, released Friday, the unemployment rate across the U.S. held steady in December at 4.1%.

While overall unemployment is very low, there was a more than 5% swing in the unemployment rate, between states, in November. Hawaii’s unemployment rate came in at 2.1%, while Alaska’s was 7.4%. For job seekers considering a move in the New Year, this in an important consideration. Here are the U.S. states that boast the lowest unemployment rates.

1.      Hawaii

Summer lovers rejoice. When it comes to employment, it seems that almost everyone in the sunny state of Hawaii has a job, with unemployment in the state a mere 2.1%.

2.      North Dakota

At the other side of the weather spectrum versus No. 1 Hawaii is North Dakota. In November, the state’s unemployment rate came in at 2.6%.

3.      Nebraska and New Hampshire

Tied for third is one mid-western state, Nebraska, and a northeastern state, New Hampshire, proving that there is more to it than geography when it comes to the jobs market. Both states had an unemployment rate of 2.7%.

4.      Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Vermont

These four states in the U.S. are all tied with an unemployment rate of 2.9%.

5.      Minnesota and Tennessee

Tied, in fifth place, are Minnesota and Tennessee, with a 3.1% unemployment.