The 5 Stocks on the MFM Team's Radar

At The Motley Fool, we may be buy-and-hold investors, but before we can hold a stock, we have to pick the stock, so our analysts are always on the hunt for excellent investment ideas. And every week, some businesses stand out from the crowd more than others, which is why every Motley Fool Money episode ends with host Chris Hill asking his guests -- this time, analysts Aaron Bush, Matt Argersinger, and Jason Moser -- which companies they have their eyes on, and why.

For this episode, one arena in particular presents so many intriguing opportunities that Bush is eying one gaming stock -- Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO), the folks behind smash hit Red Dead Redemption 2 -- while Argersinger recommends buying a basket: Take-Two, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), and Ubisoft. Meanwhile, Moser explains his interest in home improvement second-place player Lowe's (NYSE: LOW).

A full transcript follows the video.

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This video was recorded on Nov. 16, 2018.

Chris Hill: Let's get to the stocks on our radar. Our man behind the glass, Steve Broido, is going to hit you with a question. Jason Moser, you're up first. What are you looking at this week?

Jason Moser: We talked about Home Depot this week. I'm looking at Lowe's, ticker LOW. Next week, earnings looking back to August. The stock has certainly pulled back a little bit since then, since they've announced some store closures, clarified a bit more on strategy with new CEO Marvin Ellison. I do like this market in general. I think the home improvement market is a tremendous one that should continue to, over time, just get better. I think that Marvin Ellison has a lot of good ideas and has the opportunity to take this business in a good direction. The pullback in shares here over the last few months is a bit more compelling today.

Hill: Steve, question about Lowe's?

Steve Broido: Does one business have a competitive advantage over the other?

Moser: Generally speaking, we look to Home Depot as the leader in the space. The store base is very similar. They both have the same number of stores, essentially. But Home Depot has just been better when it comes to customer service, when it comes to serving the pro side of the business as well as the do-it-yourselfers. I think that's really where Marvin Allison is trying to take this business in Lowe's -- getting better on the customer service side, making sure they have what you want.

Hill: Aaron Bush, what are you looking at this week?

Aaron Bush: I'm looking at Take-Two Interactive, ticker TTWO. Two weeks ago, they had the biggest entertainment launch of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2 made over $750 million in three days. And the stock is down over 20% from its highs. Take-Two is turning into a video game giant with tons of successes. Red Dead that isn't the only thing that they have. A few years ago, people were saying Grand Theft Auto is the only thing they had. Between more games, higher margins, more recurring revenues, lots of catalysts, the timing feels pretty compelling.

Hill: Steve, question about Take-Two?

Broido: I'm playing Red Dead Redemption 2 right now. Is there too much story in this thing? It's like a movie. It's taking forever. I skip all these scenes. It's crazy town.

Bush: I think that's a good thing. I think what they want is for people to get sucked into the world so that when Red Dead Online comes out in a month or so, people will want to stick with it and pay them more money.

Moser: Steve, are you a good cowboy or a bad cowboy?

Broido: I'm pretty bad right now.

Hill: [laughs] Matty, what are you looking at?

Matt Argersinger: I'm glad Aaron said Take-Two Interactive. I'm glad that Isaac, who wrote us the email, had Activision Blizzard on his list. The stocks on my radar are video game stocks. Activision Blizzard, ticker ATVI; Electronic Arts, EA; Aaron had Take-Two, TTWO; also, Ubisoft, which is on the pink sheets at UBSFY. Depending on which stock you look at, these things are down 20-30%, yet -- and I'm sure Aaron agrees -- these are companies with tremendous tailwinds. It's an industry I love. I can't believe they're down as much as they are. If you don't own any video games, this is a great chance to do so.

Hill: Steve?

Broido: I think I'm going with Take-Two. I'm just having so much fun riding my horse, having a grand old time.

Aaron Bush owns shares of Activision Blizzard, EA, and Take-Two Interactive. Chris Hill has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Jason Moser has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Matthew Argersinger owns shares of Activision Blizzard. Steve Broido owns shares of Activision Blizzard, EA, HD, and Take-Two Interactive. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive. The Motley Fool has the following options: short February 2019 $185 calls on HD and long January 2020 $110 calls on HD. The Motley Fool recommends EA, HD, and Lowe's. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.