Tesla's Model S, Model X Safety Ratings Lowered By Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has lowered safety ratings on Tesla Inc.'s Model S and Model X because the electric car marker has not enabled them with an automatic emergency braking safety feature it said would come as standard. Telsa has said it is working through problems with software, "but that has left owners without the promised feature, some for as long as six months," the publication said Wednesday. Previous versions of both models came with AEB as standard, but models made between late October 2016 and now do not. Tesla told the publication it expects the software update to come as soon as Thursday. Consumer Reports adds points to its ratings of vehicles that offer AEB as a standard feature, valuing the technology for its ability to prevent crashes. Tesla shares were slightly lower premarket, but have gained a stunning 48% in 2017, while the S&P 500 has gained 6.6%.

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