Tesla Model X Delay May Be Due To Doors: Morgan Stanley

Delays in the launch of Tesla Motors Inc. SUV, the Model X, could be tied to the car's falcon-style doors, analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a note Tuesday. Rumors about the potential trouble with the doors abound and if indeed Tesla is having problems, the culprit is likely the door's double hinges, which allow the "falcon" doors to open in tight spaces. Traditional "gull" doors had only one hinge. Tesla might also be having trouble with the larger-than-usual door size. The electric car maker said earlier this month the Model X would be for sale in the third quarter of 2015, rather than earlier in the year. Like Tesla's only existing car for sale, the Model S sedan, the Model X would have no direct competitor and would give Tesla an "opportunity to exploit a fast-growing, highly profitable niche," Morgan Stanley said in a note. "We have previously expressed our enthusiasm that the Model X could go 'dynamite fishing' in the global premium SUV market. This potential certainly exists. However, ironing out any potential wrinkles in vehicle engineering and execution play an important role too," the analysts added.

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