Target kicks off Fashion Week with sing-along event

Target kicked off New York Fashion Week with a sing-along event Tuesday night at a custom-built piano lounge the cheap chic retailer created, attracting such celebrities as Christie Brinkley, Kendall Jenner and Queen Latifah.

"This is the dream club for me that could be built in maybe Fort Lauderdale," said Paul Shaffer, before holding court at the bright red piano in the so-called Red's lounge. "I want to promote a kind of a good timely alcohol-infused sing-along kind of vibe."

And there was plenty of vibe, particularly when Shaffer, who served as musical director for the event, called Brinkley to the piano and sang Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely?" Brinkley, wearing a skin-tight red dress, hammed it up in front of the crowd. Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright belted out, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and singer-songwriter Spencer Ludwig, playing his trumpet, performed his song "Diggy," the theme song for Target's TV ad campaign.

For some like Jenner, who will be showing off her Kendall and Kylie collection, it's the start of a hectic week.

"It's hard. I am super busy the entire time," she says. "It gets difficult. I try to get sleep."

But with other family members showing their own lines, New York Fashion Week is becoming a family affair.

"When I first started doing these fashion things a couple of years ago, I didn't feel like a lot of my friends and family were around. Now, everyone kind of is. "

Brinkley says she won't be around for the rest of New York Fashion Week. She has a shoot in the Caribbean and in Italy.

"I'm going to be missing everything except for tonight," she said.

And what is her secret for her lasting beauty?

"I've been a vegetarian since I was 13. I never touched meat," she said.

Target's custom-built bar on West 33rd Street will be open to the public from Thursday through Saturday. During that time, the fashion press as well as fans can see live-streamed runway shows and charge their phone at charging stations. Target executives promise that there will be a lineup of celebrities that will sing for the public, along with some spontaneous sing-alongs.

"It will be a chance for fashion fans to come, rest, relax and get some food and beverage," says Rick Gomez, senior vice president of marketing at Target.


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