Swedish woman's Wall Street dream led to $850M defamation trial against her ex-financier boss

Associated Press

A jury is deliberating the merits of an $850 million lawsuit that a young Swedish woman brought against her former Wall Street boss over claims of a sexual relationship turned sour.

Hanna Bouveng claims Benjamin Wey used his power as owner of New York Global Group to coerce her into four sexual encounters before firing her after discovering she had a boyfriend. She says he then launched a smear campaign through the Internet, depicting her falsely as a prostitute, extortionist or drug user, and wrote vicious emails to her friends and family.

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He testified that he never had sex with her and that she squandered a golden opportunity to make it on Wall Street by embracing a New York nightclub scene that left her too hungover and tired to succeed.

The jury started deliberations Friday in Manhattan federal court.