Sweatcoin app lets you earn cryptocurrency for exercise

There's a new app called Sweatcoin and it lets you earn cryptocurrency, just for working out.

It works by allowing users to hook up their smartphone's health and fitness data along with the GPS locator to collect the coins.

The app then tracks how many steps you take in a day and rewards you a monetary "sweat" value, according to your movements. For every 1,000 steps recorded, the app will pay you .95 cents in ‘sweatcoins.’

Users can later trade these coins in for fitness gear, workout classes, gift cards and a number of other things.

Meanwhile, YouTube is cracking down on a dangerous new online trend -- called the "Tide Pod challenge" --which showcases videos of teens eating laundry gel pods that look like candy.

YouTube said it plans to remove the content because its community guidelines prohibit content that encourages dangerous activities that have a risk of causing physical harm.

Krispy Kreme wants you to pick its next glazed doughnut flavor.

Through January 22nd, Krispy Kreme is letting customers vote online and choose from among the following four flavors: blueberry, caramel, maple and lemon.

The winning flavor will be announced on January 25th and will later be available in Krispy Kreme locations nationwide for one week this spring.