Suit: Man held 20 hours after asking to file TSA complaint; search involved energy bars, watch

A traveler detained for more than 20 hours after a search of energy bars and a sports watch in his carry-on bag at Philadelphia International Airport has sued the Transportation Security Administration.

Architect and runner Roger Vanderklok says he was arrested after asking to file a complaint against the TSA.

His lawsuit accuses a TSA supervisor of lying in court for saying he made a verbal threat during the 2013 security stop.

The supervisor said he was concerned about the running gear in the bag. He testified "organic material" and electronics can be used to make bombs.

A judge dismissed threat charges against Vanderklok.

The lawsuit was filed last month and seeks at least $75,000 in damages. The Philadelphia Daily News first reported on it Wednesday.

The TSA says it doesn't comment on pending litigation.